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NoClean Aquariums

2.5 Gallon Self-Cleaning Aquarium | Tank Only

2.5 Gallon Self-Cleaning Aquarium | Tank Only

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-TANK ONLY (2.5 Gallon Tall Cube Self-Cleaning Aquarium)
*see accessory options below

This PATENTED system assures…
-No hands get wet
-No electricity required
-No mechanical parts to break
-No removing fish and decorations
-Debris removing water change in ONLY 27.20 SECONDS
-No optional noisy filters, pumps and wires to get in your way
-No replacement filters to trash and re-buy saving you time and money.
-No going back to the old fashioned way of cleaning aquariums ever again
-No compromises in style were sacrificed to create maximum performance and functionality
-No gravel vacuuming ever needed which means no more sucking on tubes to get the siphon started
-Acrylic being more of an insulator will help keep your water temperatures more stable preventing less heat loss through the walls.

-Cleaning time: About 27.20 SECONDS!
-Self-Cleaning Technology: The built-in filtration system separates and removes the waste and debris in and under the gravel, keeping the tank clean and healthy for your fish.
-3 Gallon Capacity: Ideal for compact spaces.
-Low-Maintenance Design: With its self-cleaning technology, this tank requires minimal hands-on maintenance, making it the perfect solution for busy pet owners; convenient for those just getting into the hobby; fun and satisfying for all those who will enjoy staring at the water feature that’s activated during the cleaning process.
-Energy-Efficient: The tank's efficient design consumes zero energy, reducing the cost of electricity.
-Easy to Use: The tank is easy to set up and comes with detailed directions with colorful pictures making it easy to get started with your new aquarium. If you can pour 2 Liters of water, you can operate this cleaning system. David is happy to answer questions along the way, just drop a note through Etsy or email us at
-PREMIUM MATERIAL AND DESIGN | Crafted from Flame Polished, 100% Virgin Acrylic | Clearer than Low Iron Glass | 92-93% Light Transmittance | 6MM THICK WALLS

7.22" x 7.22" x 13.14" high. Capacity: 2.5 gallons +

NoClean Aquariums was invented in 2009. With over 14 years of designing various self-cleaning Betta aquariums our small, family operated business is now excited to introduce our 4th generation cleaning system that's been modified for larger scale aquariums. Like NO OTHER, this powerful cleaning system will flush your Fire Polished, 6mm thick Virgin Acrylic, eye candy aquarium clean within SECONDS - game changer! And, with Virgin Acrylic having a 92-93% light transmittance rating, you will see the difference.

Enjoy the beauty and tranquility of owning an aquarium without the hassles of maintenance with the NoClean Aquariums 5 Gallon Self-Cleaning Fish Tank. This beautiful aquarium is designed with our Patented 4th Generation, self-cleaning technology, ensuring a clean and healthy environment for your aquatic life. The low-tech, yet advanced cleaning system runs entirely on physics (hydrostatic equilibrium). Simply pour clean water into the aquarium and dirty water rapidly flows out the 6 spouts located on the backside. With minimal effort, you can now enjoy a sparkling clean aquarium in about 30 seconds.

This Compact, low-maintenance nano aquarium is the perfect solution for everyone from busy pet owners and beginners to the most advanced hobbyists. Your aquatic life will love it, too.

"WATERFALL BASIN" Cleaning METHOD sold separately:
The "WATERFALL BASIN" collects the dirty water directly behind your aquarium after pouring fresh water inside. Waterfall Basin Volume= .83 Gallons 3.17 Liters

Aquatic waste sinks in and through the substrate to be collected in the hidden reservoir at the bottom of the aquarium.

When it's time, simply pour fresh water into the aquarium to activate the self-cleaning system. This flushes out the yucky stuff collected in the reservoir and gravel while performing a partial water change. The waste travels up, through the back wall and into your disposal container.

The system automatically stops when the water reaches the perfect level, ensuring a spill / overflow-free, mess-free experience. Afterwards, top off the water level to the "FILL LINE" located on the food grade silicone grommet.


1. 2.5 Gallon LOTUS LID




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