At a young age, David Turover, Founder of NoClean Aquariums, won a goldfish at a local carnival. Instantly charmed by this wide-eyed, beautiful new pet, young David also very quickly discovered that cleaning his lovely fish’s tank was a wet, dirty, and smelly task. Fast forward to a few decades later and, in the midst of the economic meltdown of 2008, David gifted himself a beautiful, calming desktop aquarium to keep him company while searching for his next job. Again put off by the laborious task of cleaning the tank, David – a lifelong aspiring inventor - finally had the time and skills to do something about it. After lots of tinkering and testing, David built a better fish tank – one that’s beautiful to look at and also practical.


Three years and two patents later, it was finally time to o-fish-ally launch his first self-cleaning fish tank on Kickstarter, where he pre-sold nearly 1,000 tanks in only 60 days. Apparently, David wasn't the only one tired of the whole tank-cleaning rigmarole. NoClean Aquariums was the first brand to ever introduce the “self-cleaning” category in the aquarium industry, and takes pride in its individualized customer service and quality innovations that has even earned NoClean Aquariums multiple first place prizes at the worlds largest pet trade show, the Global Pet Expo in 2013.  Since, NoClean Aquariums has licensed its intellectual property to satisfy other market demands and will continue creating one of a kind, self-cleaning aquariums to meet the needs of fish-lovers around the world. If there is something you’d wish for but don’t see on our site, be sure to drop us a line at 


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