See how easy it cleans...

“Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication.” Leonardo da Vinci

It’s NoClean Aquariums because our PATENTED system assures…

-No hands get wet

-No electricity required

-No mechanical parts to break

-No removing fish and decorations

-No noisy filters, pumps and wires to get in your way

-No fish accidentally going down the sink drain during a cleaning

-No replacement filters to trash and re-buy for Betta fish aquarium 

-No going back to the old fashioned way of cleaning aquariums ever again

IT’S HERE: Shrimp Aquarium KIT!

These invertebrates keep very busy foraging for food and they’re interesting to watch. They come in a variety of fun colors! Now, you can convert the H2Flo Betta aquarium into a fully planted Neocaradina Shrimp tank. The kit includes the main essential to make a beautiful aquarium. Click “Shop” to learn more.

Low maintenance looks like this

Automated GloFlex LED

3 brilliant lighting modes and 9 intensity levels illuminate your underwater world and make your Betta fish glow. Simply set the built in ON/OFF timer and never touch it again. Premium bamboo base and adjustable metallic neck that will complement any style decor.

Crystal Clear Desktop Betta Fish Aquarium.  Small desktop fish tank.

Clearer than Glass. Shatterproof. Crystal-Like.

Utilizes new, UV treated polymers to create thick, sturdy-walled aquariums that are clearer than glass yet tough enough to take on a brick, literally. The aquarium body is made from sturdy 3/16” shatter proof PolyCrystal - which unlike glass, also acts as an insulator to help keep your water temperatures stable for your fish. PolyCrystal is a new formulation of top-quality, food grade polycarbonate polymer that is commonly used in the restaurant industry to mimic fancy, crystal barware that looks stunning and will not break, with an extra thick base. With almost 10 years since our very first order, we see the difference and so will you. 

1 one gallon self cleaning  betta fish tank aquarium.  Pour clean water in dirty water flows out.  My Fun Fish Tank. Plastic Desk top aquarium. Nano tank. Snail Tank Shrimp aquarium. African dwarf frog. As seen on tv. Back to roots water garden fish tank

Ideal Gift for the Home & Office

It's fun & functional living art and a stunning conversation piece. It's one gallon footprint and smart, cordless design fit in practically anywhere. Pour fresh water in and dirty water comes out. Our patented technology requires no filters, electricity, noisy pumps or wires. It doesn't get any easier than this!


Living Gems - Betta Fish

Betta fish, also called Siamese fighting fish, are loved for their beautiful flowing fins, vibrant colors, as well as their interactive, curious, and sociable nature. These unique qualities seem to draw in both experienced fish keepers and those who’ve never had fish before.  Betta fish come in a wide variety of alluring breeds such as Halfmoon, Elephant ear, Double tail, Rose tail, Spade tail and Veiltail (just to name a few) based on their tail shape, color, scale patterns and pectoral fins.  Some types are eye popping with color just like a bag of Skittles.  Interestingly, science has shown them to recognize their owners face even if the owner is standing by the tank with other people.  Betta fish commonly swim to the front of the tank when an owner appears and can be taught simple tricks like following your finger to the top of the tank for some food.  You will discover and appreciate that Betta fish have different personalities and abilities just like humans!  Betta fish are low maintenance and easy to care for with the H2Flo NoClean Aquarium, making Bettas the perfect desk mates to share your days with.