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DIY Self Cleaning Conversion Kit for Anchor Hocking, 2 Gallon Fishbowl

DIY Self Cleaning Conversion Kit for Anchor Hocking, 2 Gallon Fishbowl

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Convert a 2 Gallon, Glass Anchor Hocking Fishbowl Into An Easy Maintenance Betta Aquarium.

This DIY kit was made to convert possibly the most classic shaped and iconic fishbowl around being the Anchor Hocking 2 Gallon Fishbowl (Made here in the USA). Please note that we do not sell the actual fishbowl so you will need to purchase that separately (search on Amazon “Anchor Hocking 4263 Goldfish Bowl-Drum, 2 Gallon”).

This cleaning kit will make a healthy difference in your water quality and make the cleaning a breeze. Plus, no more need to lift up a heavy, glass fishbowl. Instead, just pour clean water in the top and let the dirty water flow out.

To make the 2 Gallon DIY kit, you will need the following:

-1” Diamond Bit Hole Saw
-Electric Drill
-River Sones
- 2 gallon Glass Fishbowl sold separately on Amazon. Seach “ Anchor Hocking 4263 Goldfish Bowl-Drum, 2 Gallon”

1. Measure 8.5” up from the bottom center of the aquarium. This will be the BOTTOM of your 1” hole. Mark that spot with a Sharpie.
2. Run cool water over hole area.
3. Use an electric drill to cut with a 1” Diamond Bit hole saw while the water is running on area.
4. Be sure your drill does not bang into the glass once it knocks out the hold.
TIP: You can also use plumbers putty around the hole area and fill it with water.

*Send us a message if you have any questions along the way at

Extra Note: Be sure to have water running over the hole area while you are drilling. You can also create a pool of water using plumbers putty. For more assistance there are many helpful video on YouTube for drilling holes in glass.

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