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Self-Cleaning Betta Fish Tank + River Stones + Food | One Gallon (FREE U.S. SHIPPING)

Self-Cleaning Betta Fish Tank + River Stones + Food | One Gallon (FREE U.S. SHIPPING)

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Why it’s so Easy:

Our PATENTED system assures…

-No hands get wet

-No electricity required

-No mechanical parts to break

-No removing fish and decorations

-No noisy filters, pumps and wires to get in your way

-No fish accidentally going down the sink drain during a cleaning

-No replacement filters to trash and re-buy for Betta fish aquarium

-No experience needed. We provide all the information on getting started 

-No going back to the old fashioned way of cleaning aquariums ever again



Aquariums are awesome. Cleaning isn't.

That's why we designed H2Flo!

With over ten years of designing self cleaning Betta aquariums we are excited to introduce version 3.0.  It’s twice the size, noticeably more clear and a newly designed  cleaning reservoir that sucks more like a vacuum than ever before.   

The self-cleaning system runs entirely on physics. Simply pour clean water into the aquarium and dirty water flows out. There's no need to remove the fish, decorations or wash the gravel. Your hands won't even get wet. 

There are no noisy pumps or annoying cords. No filters to buy, swap out and trash.  Waste water is neatly collected in a cup making it easy to dispose or recycle as fertilizer for your plants.

Ok, here's how it really works...

Aquarium waste sinks through the river stones (included!) to be collected in the reservoir at the bottom of the aquarium.

Every week, simply pour fresh water into the aquarium to activate the self-cleaning system. This flushes out the yucky stuff collected in the reservoir while performing a partial water change.

The system automatically stops when the water reaches the perfect level, ensuring a spill-free, mess-free experience. If needed, you'll want to clean algae from the wall with a soft brush before activating the cleaning cycle. Minimize algae by keeping aquarium away from sunlight.

Polycrystal: Clearer than Glass. Shatterproof Promise!

The aquarium body is made from sturdy 3/16” PolyCrystal - which is clearer than glass yet virtually indestructible. This means H2Flo won't shatter whether it's on the way to your home, or takes a fall inside of your home. 

PolyCrystal is also better than glass because it helps insulate the water, helping to keep the aquarium temperatures steady, which your fish will appreciate. 

The dimensions of the aquarium are 5" x 5" x 13.75" high. The aquarium holds about one gallon.

*GloFlex LED light sold separately.




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