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3 Artificial Marimo Moss Balls | Weighted | Aquarium Decoration

3 Artificial Marimo Moss Balls | Weighted | Aquarium Decoration

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3 Weighted Marimo Moss Balls for Aquarium / Fish Tank or Fairly Garden Decor

Marimo moss balls are a type of freshwater algae that are popular in the aquarium hobby. They are spherical in shape and have a velvety texture that resembles a moss-covered rock. Marimo moss balls are native to Japan, Iceland, and parts of Europe and grow at a very slow rate of around 5mm per year. They are known for their ability to absorb nitrates and other pollutants from the water, helping to keep the aquarium clean and healthy for fish and other aquatic animals. Marimo moss balls are easy to care for and require minimal maintenance, making them a popular choice for beginners and experienced aquarists alike.

-5 Gallon Self-Cleaning Aquarium by NoClean Aquariums
-Artificial Marino’s moss balls mixed with real plants.
-These Marimo Moss Balls are one of the few artificial plant exceptions that will actually goe well with real plants due to their natural appearance.

-3 Artificial Marimo Moss Ball Ornaments

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