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Silent USB Aeration Pump Kit | Bio-Film / Aquatic Protein INHIBITOR!

Silent USB Aeration Pump Kit | Bio-Film / Aquatic Protein INHIBITOR!

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NOTE: Currently, this Aeration Kit in not intended for the 1 Gallon Self-Cleaning Betta Aquarium. Compatible pump accessories for the 1 gallon are coming soon.  

-USB Powered or battery operated.  ON/OFF dial switch.
-Fine Tune DIMMER Throttle 
-Flexible Airline Tubing 

-DIMMER throttle allows for fine tuning bubble flow.
-Plug in or operate with a USB battery pack. 
-Energy efficient and Silent Operation
-Compact size measures 2.5" long x 1.25" diameter
-Creates water movement with air bubbles, which oxygenate the aquarium and water movement also helps break down debris into fine particles that sink through the gravel down into the cleaning reservoir system (this will happen regardless, but water movement speeds up the process).
-Even part time use of this pump will not allow aquatic proteins / bio-film (scum) to build up on the surface of your water.  Water agitation blasts away all scum! 

FOR A DISCREET TUBE INSTALL in the 5, 3 and 2.5 Gallon Self-Cleaning Aquarium:
If using it with the larger NoClean Aquariums, be sure to install the flexible tubing in between the back, double walls of the aquarium. Then, guide the tube under the "sliding wall" and "gravel wall" space/gap. Next, cut a small, matching sized hole for the tube in the nylon, mesh grill that's provided with the aquarium. Lastly, bring the tube through your newly cut hole; install the air stone at the end of the tube on top of the mesh grill (and gravel/substrate).

Take advantage of the space between the double back wall to keep tubes out of plain eyesight, enhancing the visual esthetics of your aquarium. The aquariums comes standard with a clear "sliding wall". AND, if you want to completely hide the tube, remove remove the clear "sliding wall" and replace it with any of our colorful "Dazzle Wall" upgrades. Since the "Dazzle Walls" are non-transparent, they completely hide the tube within the vertical cleaning chamber. Current Dazzle Wall colors include Sparkle Pink, Sparkle Blue and Black).

The amount of oxygen needed in the water for a healthy aquarium depends on several factors, including the size of the aquarium, the number and types of fish and other inhabitants, and the temperature and other water conditions.

In general, a healthy aquarium should have a minimum dissolved oxygen (DO) level of 5-6 mg/L. This can be measured using an oxygen meter or test kit. A higher oxygen level is generally better for the health of the fish and other inhabitants, but it is important to maintain a balance, as too much oxygen can also be harmful.

To maintain adequate oxygen levels in the water, it is important to provide adequate surface agitation to promote oxygen exchange with the atmosphere, and to avoid overstocking the aquarium with too many fish or other inhabitants. In addition, proper filtration and water circulation are important in maintaining a healthy aquarium environment.

Additional importance of water agitation, or surface agitation: 

1. Surface Scum Removal: Agitation helps prevent the formation of surface scum, which can be caused by organic matter and oils. This scum can hinder gas exchange, light penetration, and overall water clarity.

2. Preventing Biofilm: Biofilm, a slimy layer that can form on the water's surface, can be unsightly and reduce gas exchange. Surface agitation helps prevent the buildup of biofilm.

3. Reducing Algae Growth: Algae growth can be inhibited by surface movement since some types of algae thrive in stagnant conditions. Proper water agitation can help keep algae in check.

The extent of water agitation required in an aquarium can vary depending on the specific needs of the aquatic life and the preferences of the aquarist. It's important to strike a balance to provide the right level of surface agitation without causing excessive turbulence, which could stress some fish species.


5 Gallon Self-Cleaning Aquarium

3 Gallon Self-Cleaning Aquarium

2.5 Gallon Self-Cleaing Aquarium

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