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Fish Stone Cave Shelter

Fish Stone Cave Shelter

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Length: 4.5"”
Width: 3”
Height: 2.75”
Approx Hole Diameter: 1.50”

Sometimes your fish just wants to relax away from the limelight in a nice shaded area. Providing a house for your fish with the Rock Cave can let your fish rest and hide, which can relieve stress and reduce aggression. The two circular openings make it convenient for your fish to enter and exit without swimming backwards. You can decorate your cave by tying or super glueing different types of plants on the roof, especially Anubias Nana or Java moss.

This eco-friendly clay, Rock Cave can be directly placed in your fish tank without worries of debris.

Made from high quality clay, the product is sturdy and durable.

This Rock Cave is for aquarium sized 2.5 gallon and up.

Warning: To avoid scratching your walls do not let the rock cave rub against your aquarium during installing.
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