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DIY Self-Cleaning Aquarium Conversion Kit - Easy Maintenance for Any Container, Bowl or Fish Tank

DIY Self-Cleaning Aquarium Conversion Kit - Easy Maintenance for Any Container, Bowl or Fish Tank

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Introducing our DO IT YOURSELF Self-Cleaning Aquarium Conversion Kit – a revolutionary solution that empowers you to transform any container, fish tank, or bowl into a low-maintenance, self-cleaning aquatic paradise. Experience the simplicity of water changes like never before – just pour clean water in, and watch as dirty water effortlessly flows out. Now that NoClean Aquariums offers the essential ingredients to make your own self-cleaning aquarium, say goodbye to the complexities of traditional aquarium maintenance!


- Universal Compatibility: Convert any container or existing fish tank into a self-cleaning aquarium with ease. Enjoy the freedom to choose your aquarium setup.

- Effortless Water Changes: With our kit, maintaining a pristine aquatic environment has never been simpler. Pour clean water into the top, and watch as the self-cleaning mechanism efficiently flushes out the dirty water.

- DIY Under Gravel Filter: The kit includes a nylon mesh and support legs that becomes a part of the under gravel filter, promoting effective non-electric mechanical and biological filtration. The nylon mesh is easily cut to shape and size with your own pair of scissors.

- Simple Installation: Just drill a 1" hole through your container, attach the kit, and you're ready to go. No need for complex tools or extensive modifications. A hole saw is recommended for your drill. For glass, use a diamond drill bit.

- Fast and Convenient: Say goodbye to time-consuming water changes. Our DIY conversion kit streamlines the process, making it quick and hassle-free.

- Scalable Design: Depending on the size of your container, more than one kit can be purchased. Each kit is suitable for approximately an 8" x 8" area, with two kits recommended for optimal results.

- Cork Stopper: This allows you to retrofit any height aquarium that’s above 7” tall. For higher water levels, just pull the stopper and let the cleaning action begin!


- Instant Aquarium Upgrade: Transform your existing setup into a self-sufficient ecosystem, promoting the well-being of your aquatic companions.

- Save Time and Effort: Enjoy the convenience of a self-cleaning aquarium – no more draining, siphoning, or laborious cleaning routines.

- Customizable Filtration: The included nylon mesh allows you to create an efficient under gravel filter, enhancing water quality and clarity.

- Versatile Application: Perfect for various container sizes and shapes, offering flexibility for different setups and preferences.

- Environmentally Friendly: Minimize water wastage and reduce the environmental impact of traditional water changes.

Unlock the simplicity of aquarium maintenance with our DIY Self-Cleaning Aquarium Conversion Kit. Make water changes a breeze and provide the best care for your aquatic friends, today!
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