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3 Pack - Aquascape Planter Kit

3 Pack - Aquascape Planter Kit

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These clear acrylic Aquascape planter pots are suitable for many of the best aquarium plants. It will maximize your grow area, enrich the live stock habitat, and can help position plants closer to the light source for better growth. Three of these planters will work well within our H2Flo self-cleaning Betta aquarium.

Besides weekly water changes, plants are the safest and most effective way of eliminating the nitrates from the water. Plants feed on the very same nutrients as algae. Plants remove nitrates and phosphates from the water leaving less for the algae to consume and beautify your aquarium.

INCLUDES: (3 Aquascape Planter Pots + Pre-Measured Bag for 3 Pots + 3 Lead Plant Anchors)

- 3 Aquascape Planter Pots

- 1 Pre-measured bag of High Quality Controsoil to fill all three planers (These planter comes with a pre-measured bag of high quality aquarium soil that is mixed with Japanese volcanic ash. This combo helps provide vital nutrients for lush plants, helps to lower water hardness/PH which is also beneficial for plants, shrimp and many types of tropical fish).

- 3 weighted lead plant anchors (for your added convenience). Gently crimp around your plant stem, then add it to the pot, then fill with soil. Without these your plant will try floating out of the planter. Eventually roots will grow and become part of the anchor.


Size: 3.5cmx4.2cm

Material: Acrylic

Color: transparent

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