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Aquarium Driftwood | 5 Piece

Aquarium Driftwood | 5 Piece

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TO WATER LOG DRIFTWOOD, Boil in boiling water for about 10 minutes so it sinks in your aquarium. Be a little patient after this process because it may still take a few days of floating on top till it sinks. Or, skip this and float it!
*Boiling the driftwood will also help remove the tannins that can discolor your water.

Driftwood is a popular decoration for aquariums because it offers both aesthetic and functional benefits. Here are some reasons why driftwood is a good decoration for any aquarium:

-Natural look: Driftwood provides a natural and authentic look to your aquarium, mimicking the natural environment of fish and other aquatic creatures.

-Hiding places: Driftwood offers hiding places for fish, shrimp, and other aquatic animals, providing them with a sense of security and reducing their stress levels.

-Nutrient release: Driftwood slowly releases tannins into the water, which can benefit fish and plants. Tannins can lower the pH of the water, which can be beneficial for some fish species. Additionally, the tannins can provide natural antibacterial properties and help prevent diseases.

-Algae growth prevention: Driftwood can help prevent the growth of algae by releasing humic acid into the water, which can inhibit the growth of certain types of algae.

-Functional benefits: Driftwood can provide additional surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow, which can help maintain healthy water conditions. Additionally, the wood can help anchor plants in the substrate and prevent them from floating away.

5 Pieces

5” Long x 3/8” Diameter
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