5 Gallon Quick Start Guide

5 Gallon Quick Assembly Instructions




Parts: (labeled A-Q)

  1. Part A: Picture of Tank
  2. Part B: Picture of Inner silicone oval grommet tube
  3. Part C: Picture of Outer Double Spout
  4. Part D: Picture of Spout tip (same as our previous job)
  5. Part E: Picture of Grill
  6. Part F: Picture of Gravel Wall
  7. Part G: Picture of Sliding wall (transparent- included
  8. Part H: Picture of Flo Stand-5 (Option A)
  9. Part I:   Picture of Dispenser Box
  10. Part J: Picture of support beams (pre installed)
  11. Part K: Picture of cross cross beams

Accessories sold separately

  1. Part L:  Picture of Lotus Lid-5 (sold seperately)
  2. Part M: Picture of Pink glitter sliding wall (sold seperately)
  3. Part N: Picture of Blue sparkle sliding wall (sold seperately)
  4. Part O: Picture of Black sliding wall (sold seperately)
  5. Part P: Picture of Dazzle LED (sold seperately)
  6. Part Q: Picture of a Bucket (sold at hardware store)
  7. Part R: 50 Watt Heater


Tank Assembly Steps:

Step 1.  Remove the Sliding Wall part (G) from the tank.

Step 2.  Insert silicone grommet tube, part B (3) into oval holes on back wall of aquariums from the inside of the aquarium

Step 3.  Insert 6 spout tips (D) into all parts (C). 

Step 4.  Insert elbow, part (C) into part (B), silicone grommet tube.

Step 5.  Re-Insert sliding wall part (G).

Step 6. Place grill, part (E) on top of the supports (J &K).  It should bend to match the curve on the beams.  Place the slightly rounded corners at the front of the tank.

Step 7. Gravel wall, part (F) is already attached.

Step 8. If using an airstone or bubble filter, before adding substrate (gravel), first guide the airline tube between the sliding wall and back wall, guide it through the space under the sliding wall and gravel wall. Cut a small hole through the grill and add an airstone or bubble filter to the airline tube.  This will hide the ugly tubes (especially with the colored “Dazzle”  backgrounds)

Step 9. Add substrate (not included). Be sure it’s larger than the holes in the grill.


There are two options to set up the aquarium. (Need 3D rendering demonstrating each method)

  1. Rest it on the “Flo Stand-5”, part (H) with a bucket to collect the dirty water. Show dirty water flowing into bucket.
  2. Place on a table and put the Dispenser Box, (I) behind it that collects the dirty waste. Show water flowing into Dispenser Box.